Please sign the petition for a strong FSC ban on GE trees

Over the past weeks FSC has held a consultation on changing its policy on genetically engineered trees. For years FSC’s policy on genetically engineered trees has been confusing and weak. FSC is now trying to dismantle its already weak position by allowing field testing of GE trees.

The Global Justice Ecology Project has set up a petition opposing the proposed changes. You can sign on to the petition here: (the deadline is 14 December 2021).

Please sign the petition and share it widely!

Here is the text of the petition:

FSC: Protect forests from Genetically Engineered trees (open to groups & individuals)December 14, 2021

Kim Carstensen, Director General
Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC): Protect our forests from Genetically Engineered tree threats

We, the undersigned, demand FSC reject GE trees.

Dear Mr. Carstensen,

We oppose Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) proposals to endorse field tests of genetically engineered (GE), also called genetically modified (GM) trees. The FSC must disassociate itself from any GE tree research activities and continue to clearly prohibit the commercial growing of GE trees.

The importance of FSC’s current prohibition on genetically engineered trees in FSC products is particularly critical given the recent Brazilian approval for commercial growing of a glyphosate-resistant GE eucalyptus tree, developed by the FSC-certified company Suzano. This new decision also shows the need to stop GE tree research by FSC members from moving ahead.

Genetically engineered trees threaten the future of our forests. They pose a wide range of possible environmental and social impacts that could increase over time as contamination spreads. FSC needs to continue to play a key role in preventing those impacts.

Genetically engineered trees are a threat to our collective future and have no place in FSC activities and FSC-certified products. The FSC needs to act to protect our forest ecosystems from GE trees rather than open the door to this dangerous experiment.



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