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‘Abstention Protest’ within FSC: Some Members refuse to vote for Board candidates

A growing number of FSC members feel increasingly uncomfortable with the organisation’s poor performance, indicated by numerous unacceptable certifications and lack of timely and effective action in solving problems. Some FSC members already sense that they are party to a ‘deception of consumers’ and have lost trust in the organisation that they have long supported as members. What can you do as member of an organisation that you believe has gone out of control? Leaving would be one choice. Some still believe in the original aims of the FSC, and they don’t want to leave the organisation. For some, the choice is to perform an ‘Abstention’ Protest: abstaining from voting in formal decisions, such as for the recent Board elections. But this is not a ‘silent protest’: it is important to let the FSC know why you are abstaining from voting.