Bureau Veritas: banned from Cameroon, but free to operate next door in Gabon

Earlier this year, FSC-Watch reported on the curious circumstances surrounding the ‘suspension’ of Bureau Veritas’s (BV) accreditation by FSC for, as yet unrevealed, problems with the certification of the Cameroonian rainforest logging company, Wijma. We now learn that, whilst Bureau Veritas remains prohibited from carrying out FSC certifications in Cameroon, it has just started the process of trying certify the massive logging operations of Rougier, in neighbouring Gabon.

FSC-Watch wonders, firstly: whether Rougier is aware of the somewhat less than distinguished record that BV has in the region, and secondly: what grounds the FSC has to believe that whatever it was that BV did that was so terrible in Cameroon won’t simply be repeated in Gabon?


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