Greenpeace attacked for supporting FSC: call for ‘suppressed’ report to be published

The US-based ‘e-activist’ network Ecological Internet has launched a letter-writing campaign aimed at Greenpeace, asking them to withdraw their support for FSC-certified ‘ancient forest logging’. The campaign demands that Greenpeace publishes a report on ‘problematic’ FSC certificates, which is believed to have been under investigation by the green group for many months. The new campaign is specifically directed at Grant Rosoman, of Greenpeace New Zealand, who is asked to resign as Chair of FSC’s international Board. Greenpeace’s forest activists worldwide are also being targetted, and are likely to received many thousands of protest e-mails.

Ecological Internet’s Action Alert asks “What body of ecological science and experience does Greenpeace have to support its stance?” of supporting FSC. “Critical questions” such as this, it says “remain unanswered”. Ecological Internet (EI) is one of the largest e-activist envionmental networks worldwide, and is home to portals on a range of subjects, including theForest Conservation Portal, probably the most comprehensive source of topical information on forests available on the internet.

EI says that “It is a difficult decision” to campaign against what it describes as Greenpeace’s “greenwashing” of the ancient forest logging industry. EI claims that Greenpeace and the FSC have been “so defensive of their failed support of industrial certified forestry, that true forest conservationists no longer have an option” but to campaign against Greenpeace. Concerning Greenpeace’s research into questionable FSC certficates, Ecological Internet asks “Where is this report, and when is Greenpeace going to publish it”?

The text of the ‘form letter’ which EI asks activists to send to Greenpeace campaigners follows below. FSC-Watch invites Greenpeace to respond here to EI’s campaign.

Grant Rosoman Greenpeace, New Zealand and Chairperson, Forest Stewardship Council

Dear Mr. Rosoman,

I wish to renew the call for Greenpeace to end your support for ancient forest logging. There is no such thing as certified, sustainable logging of primary and old- growth forests. Greenpeace’s continued support (along with other senior respected NGOs) of failed efforts by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to reform industrial logging of ancient forests is causing great harm to the world’s climate, indigenous peoples, biodiversity and prospects for global ecological sustainability.

I understand that recently Greenpeace began investigating ‘problematic’ FSC certifications. Where is this report, and when is Greenpeace going to publish it? It is simply unacceptable to suppress findings that show just how destructive industrial certified forestry is in the world’s last large and contiguous forest wildlands.

In an era of runaway, abrupt climate change and dwindling primary forests; Greenpeace’s support of ancient forest logging makes you a valid target of protest. Please look past your individual and organization’s self-interest and think how logging millions of year old ecosystems that evolved naturally does a grave disservice to the environment.

Greenpeace must immediately cease supporting industrial scaled logging of primary and old-growth forests. It is essential that Greenpeace, which has done so much good for the Earth, have the courage and wisdom to admit when you are wrong and change course. Greenpeace should either reply substantively to these concerns or abandon support for certified logging of ancient rainforests. Obstinacy is not a substitute for argument.

I call upon Greenpeace to immediately withdraw as an organization from FSC, to release the suppressed FSC report on problematic certications, and for you personally Mr. Rosoman to resign your position as chair. Until Greenpeace commits to ending ancient forest logging, I will continue informing others of your actions and urging your supporters to cancel their membership.

With grave concern,


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