More media coverage of the Massachusetts Chainsaw Massacre

Last month, FSC-Watch posted information about the FSC-certified destructive logging taking place in Massachusetts. Massachusetts Forest Watch has documented the destruction in detail. The story has received more media coverage, listed below, with links.

Taxpayers footing bill to destroy state forests

Capital 9 News, 3 April 2009

It’s a massive space of open land in Savoy Massachusetts. Once filled with giant pines, part of the State Forest has been wiped clear of any tree life because of logging by the Department of Conservation and Recreation. That has environmentalists outraged.

“These lands only make up 10 percent of the state of Massachusetts. And to really exploit this commercially as they’re doing now is the opposite of what we need to do,” said Massachusetts Forest Watch founder Chris Matera.

Why does the Patrick administration want to increase logging in state forests?

Valley Advocate, 9 April 2009

In recent weeks, a group called Massachusetts Forest Watch has publicly criticized the Patrick Administration for quietly implementing new forestry management plans that increase logging on state forest and park land by more than 400 percent. MFW founder Chris Matera said the dramatic increase in logging, including the use of “clearcutting,” is designed to supply a network of proposed biomass plants with a dependable source of fuel.

There’s an interesting discussion following this article. Here’s one of the comments:

The main problem is that MA DCR is one of the most corrupt and dysfunctional agencies in the state. They refuse to enforce our forestry laws by continuing to issue permits for destructive liquidation cuttings on thousands of acres of private forest land every year. DCR also allows any unlicensed idiot to pretend they practice forestry by approving Forest Cutting Plans from any moron. On our state land, all we’ve gotten was lie after lie and when you expose their lies they say hey we’re green certified! Well that green stamp that they wasted $2 million on is a good example of greenwashing. For example, DCR says there is little age class diversity in our public forests and a dearth of early successional habitat but that is false. I’ve filed 6 forestry bills to the State Legislature this year to correct DCR’s malfeasance and promote good forestry. But DCR is in bed with the highgrading lobby and it will be another tough fight. I’ve been a forester in the private sector for over 25 years and I’ve seen DCR waste millions of dollars on useless programs that only padded their bloated bureaucracy while most of the money was used to justify their existence. One of my bills will examine all of DCR’s operations. A top to bottom audit of DCR is long overdue as is the termination of their Chief Forester James DiMaio who has shown himself to be totally incompetent for that position. It’s time for a change!

MIke Leonard, Consulting Forester Petersham, MA

Environmentalists log displeasure with Deval Patrick

Boston Herald, 1 April 2009

An environmental group is whacking Gov. Deval Patrick for allowing private timber companies to cut down huge swaths of trees from public forests and parks.

Massachusetts Forest Watch founder Chris Matera claims Patrick has overseen a 400 percent increase of logging on public lands, conflicting with the governor’s liberal bona fides.

“It’s the worst cut when it comes from people who pretend to be defenders of nature,” Matera said.

New group says state policy devastates forests

Shelbourne Independent, 3-16 April 2009

Millions of taxpayer dollars, says Matera, are being spent to “green-certify” state lands for timber harvesting, but certification, in his view, is proving to be a “green-washing” tool that promotes commercial logging at the expense of conservation values. To him, that includes the certification now being approved by the Forest Stewardship Council FSC), an independent, non-government, nonprofit established to promote responsible forest management.”

Clearcut The Commonwealth Enviro Show

Valley Free Radio, 11 November 2008

Interview with Chris Matera of Massachusetts Forest Watch. The interview starts about 30 minutes into the programme. Interesting to hear which NGOs are in favour of clearcutting Massuchetts’ forests to provide biomass: The Sierra Club of Massachusetts, The Nature Conservancy, The Audobon Society, Appalachian Mountain Club and The Environmental League of Massachusetts.

FSC’s response to all this? A deafening silence, as far as I can see:

FSC-Watch would be delighted to post an official FSC response to this. If you know of one, please post it in the comments below.



  1. I’m shocked by the pictures of clear cut of forests in MA , NH, ME and other states that are having clear cut chain saw massacres, they are about to move in on the Mohawk Trail forests, beware of any so called environmentally sound groups they are liars and despots in sheep clothing. Listen to a group called Massachusetts Forest Watch and its founder Chris Matera who wrote n “My Turn” 2/17/18 of the Weekend (Greenfield) Recorder about the clear cutting and a current bill in Massachusetts House HB 2932 that needs to be rejected or the pictures that were included in web sites cited in his letter. Please write to your legislators and tell them you want this bill a not passed. Thank You Rosemary Kelleher Greenfield MA

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