FSC is greenwashing Brazil’s monoculture tree plantations: Part 1

World Rainforest Movement currently has a great image of FSC’s greenwashing of industrial tree plantations on the front page of its website (click on the image below to go to WRM’s website):

Evidence provided by the Brazilian Pulp and Paper Industry itself

For over a decade, the World Rainforest Movement has been denouncing that -by certifying large scale tree plantations- the FSC is greenwashing the destructive activities of plantation companies in Southern countries. More importantly, WRM has stressed that by doing so, the FSC is undermining local peoples’ struggles against monoculture tree plantations.

Evidence supporting the above is provided in the following video by the executive president of the Brazilian Pulp and Paper Industry (BRACELPA), who argues that Brazilian “planted forests” cannot be called Green Deserts (as local communities suffering their impacts define them), because “all our forests [plantations] are certified by the FSC …”.


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